Join Phil Ting for Assembly 2014.

A Heartfelt Thank You

On Monday, Phil Ting was officially sworn in as the District 19 Assemblymember to the California State Legislature.On Monday, I was honored to be officially sworn in as your District 19 Assemblymember to the California State Legislature. I am so proud to represent my incredible district and I am eternally grateful for your strong and support throughout my campaign.

As I looked around and thought about all there is to do, for our state and for our district, I was so very aware that I would not have been there without you.

This was a tough, long road. Our opponent spent well over a million dollars, much of it on a very negative campaign.

But you were there for me. You gave, you walked, you phoned, you posted, you pinned, tweeted and spoke up for the values and vision we share. The outcome was clear - we beat back the attacks and racked up a very impressive margin.

Phil Ting for Assembly - TV Ad

Please watch and share Phil Ting's TV ad for his campaign for California State Assembly, and remember to vote on Tuesday November 6! You can watch more videos here.

Don’t Be Fooled by Conservative Businessman Michael Breyer

Many of you in the 19th Assembly District are having your mailboxes bombarded with completely untrue “hit” mailings paid for by conservative businessman Michael Breyer, Phil Ting’s opponent in the campaign for state Assembly.

Please don’t be fooled. This unprecedented level of attack is funded by Breyer himself. He has already given himself nearly $600,000 dollars to fund these baseless attacks. (Breyer’s company draws its profits from many big corporations, including at least one tobacco company, so expect even more political lies before Election Day).

New Report from Center for Responsible Lending Shows Communities of Color Bear Brunt of Foreclosure Crisis

By: Phil Ting

The report, Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures, details the effects of $2 trillion in “spillover” losses from foreclosures.A report out today from the Center for Responsible Lending puts into stark terms what many of us have long been saying about the foreclosure crisis – communities of color are bearing the largest share of the cost.

The report, Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures, details the effects of $2 trillion in “spillover” losses from foreclosures – specifically the deteriorating value of homes surrounding foreclosed properties. And African American and Latino communities have been disproportionately affected, taking more than half of the total spillover losses nationwide.

Foreclosure Assistance on Horizon

Sun, 10/21/2012

By: Phil Ting

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Nearly six months ago, the nation’s five largest loan providers — Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo — agreed to the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement in response to the ongoing foreclosure crisis.

Help Fight Back Against this Unprecedented Conservative Attack

Here it comes.

Conservative businessman Michael Breyer just gave his campaign another $250,000 to fund his unprecedented negative attack program in our race for state Assembly.

Breyer had already loaned or given himself nearly $350,000, bringing the total to nearly $600,000 – and virtually all his campaign is now a series of factually false, misleading and even libelous hit mailings.

Will you help us fight back by giving the most generous contribution you can afford right now?

Online Voter Registration is a Gov 2.0 Home Run

By: Phil Ting

As of today nearly 700,000 Californians have registered to vote online.We’ve reviewed a number of government-sponsored web reforms on Reset San Francisco. Perhaps none has been as quickly successful as Senator Leland Yee’s legislation to create online voter registration in California.

As of today, nearly 700,000 Californians have registered to vote online and some are even predicting we could reach 1 million online registrations by the deadline on Monday, October 22.

Why Housing Matters

By Phil Ting

Over the past 4 years, we've seen just how important a healthy housing market is to our overall economy.

When foreclosures spiked and housing prices dropped, family assets were decimated. Communities across the state saw drops in local revenue so severe that it pushed some cities into bankruptcy and left many others on the precipice of insolvency.

The lesson we learned – housing matters. And it is particularly important, now that we are on the slow road to recovery, to remember this vital point.

Rapid Increases in Gas Prices Matter, Even If You Don’t Drive

By: Phil Ting

Soaring gas prices call for basic planning and sound policies. Just at the moment when we are slowly bringing our economy back, the last thing we need is pain at the pump to slow consumer spending and set the recovery back. For hard-pressed families here in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, our budgets are already tight and the last thing we need is up to hundreds of dollars more per year in gas prices. Public transit uses energy too, and when those energy costs spike so does pressure on fares.

What makes this pain worse – is that it is preventable with basic planning and sound policies.

Tracking Higher Education Funding in California– From Golden State to Tarnished Promise

By: Phil Ting

We keep hearing about the problems in our state’s higher education system: classrooms are too crowded, tuition is skyrocketing, and faculty members are expected to do more with fewer resources.

We know about these problems, but we don’t know exactly how bad they are or why they’ve happened. Yes, there is an economic recession. Yes, there is a state budget crisis. But even with that in mind, do we know how our limited resources are being allocated?

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